Wellness Programs

Our Program of Wellness and Facilitated Healing is based on primary prevention. This Integrative Medicine program is time-tested. The third party statistical data analysis of our practice confirms that the low cost program, like ours--may, and indeed does produce dramatic economical results (cost savings), impressive morbidity reduction, and at the same time promotes wellness.

Program Goals

  • Provide the highest quality, uncompromised care.
  • Keep the individual patient, as well as entire community healthy, and expenses for illness care down.
  • Minimize the need for repeating patient visits by improving wellness.
  • Minimize the use of drugs with side effects.
  • Advise safe, standardized and inexpensive products with numerous extra beneficial effects.
  • Encourage use of products that are developed in harmony with the environment.
  • Provide counseling programs that are the most effective.
  • Provide patients or clients with problem targeted printed materials.

Basic Facts

  • Primary prevention is far superior to early detection.
  • Early detection of major risk factors is far superior to crisis intervention. This especially applies to chronic diseases that lead to disability or result in acute and costly catastrophic events, such as strokes, heart attacks or cancers.
  • The amount of money spent per patient for medical care in no way corresponds to the quality of medical care, morbidity reduction, quality of life, or reduction of time loss from work due to illness.
  • Diseases such as heart disease, carotid stenosis, stroke, and myocardial infarction, are easily preventable or reversible, even in the advanced stages, and--as our experience confirms--can be reversed even in the people who suffer from diabetes.
  • Common medical problems, such as heart disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, high cholesterol level, arthritis, are not true diseases, but rather consequences and manifestations of modifiable factors and conditions. Those are: inappropriate nutrition, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, excessive weight, stress, lack of activity, or combination of many of the above factors and correctable medical conditions.
  • There are countries where certain medical conditions, so common in our Country--are rare. Some examples: Heart disease, breast and prostate cancers are rare in Japan, especially in Okinawa. The arthritis, so common in the United States and Europe, is rare in China.
  • Patients are interested in changing their habits and diets. The fact that so many new patients come to our office specifically because we practice preventive medicine, use nutritional interventions and powerful and safe natural products, attest to this.

Wellness Program

  • We practice primary and secondary prevention.
  • Our office is the Wellness Implementation Center.
  • We minimize the use of drugs with side effects. We advise safe, standardized and inexpensive products with numerous extra beneficial effects.
  • We encourage use of products that are developed in harmony with the environment.
  • We find that counseling programs are the most effective when supported by problem targeted printed materials. Counseling is crucial in helping patients to develop wellness behaviors and healthy lifestyle attitude.